The Top 7 Reasons to Implement a Fleet Fuel Management System

No one likes to throw away money on gas. If you are like most people and organizations then you are constantly looking for ways to save a few pennies or cut expenses to help your business grow.  One of the most cost effective ways to reduce expenses is installing a fleet fuel management system. In today’s economy your business or fleet cannot afford to live without one.

Here’e our Top 7 Reasons to implement a fleet fuel management system:

1. Easy Integration with Most Fueling Networks  – Whether it’s outsourced billing, reporting to other locations, most software will work directly with your current system

2. Can Track Driver Behavior – Want to know if your employees speed? Fuel Management systems have the ability to alert you of bad driving, before it costs your business money

3. Easy to Use – Most applications are very simple to use and require minimal user training

4. Integrates with Most Fueling Network Cards – Have offsite fuel cards? They can be used with the system Henrich installs at your depot

5. Automated Reporting – Reports can be automatically send on a daily basis or multiple times per day, customized to your needs

6. Rugged Outdoor Hardware – Systems are meant to be outdoors, weather does not affect system performance

7. Wireless Capabilities – No conduits available, no problem. Today’s fuel management solutions are built with wireless capabilities, reducing the cost of installation in most cases

Fuel is most often the second largest expense after payroll.  Implementing a fleet fuel management system can not only help reduce your operating costs but also save you valuable time so owners and operators can focus on running their organization.