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  1. EvrFlo EV-12-10M 12 Volt DC 10.5 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump


    Original Price: $119.99

    This EvrFlo standard DC Fuel Transfer pump dispenses Diesel and Kerosene at rates up to 10.5 GPM (40 LPM). The cost effective Pump is ideal for transfer fueling systems.

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  2. EvrFlo EV-12M -12 Volt DC 15GPM Gear Fuel Transfer Pump


    Original Price: $237.38

    EvrFlo's EV-12M DC standard duty fuel transfer pump dispenses diesel and kerosene at rates up to 15 GPM (57 LPM). The EvrFlo EV-12M pump is ideal for farm and construction equipment fueling where 120V power is not available.

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  3. EvrFlo HLP-55160 Lever Pump (9 oz. / Stroke)


    Original Price: $34.95

    EvrFlo HLP-55160 Plastic Lever Pump delivers fluids at rates up to 9 oz. per stroke. This fuel hand pump is ideal for fuel, water base and acidic solutions.

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  4. EvrFlo EV-120M 120 Volt AC 15GPM Gear Pump (DISCONTINUED)

    Item Discontinued

    EvrFlo EV-120M standard AC fuel gear pump dispenses at rates up to 15 GPM (57 LPM). This EvrFlo EV-120M transfer pump is ideal for pumping diesel and kerosene.

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  5. EvrFlo EV-M-5G - 1" NPT Mechanical Fuel Meter (5-32 GPM)


    Original Price: $172.00

    EvrFlo EV-M-5G 4-Wheel, Aluminum Mechanical Fuel Meter is calibrated in gallons with 1 inch NPT threads. It is designed for measuring diesel and kerosene fuel at rates from 5-32 GPM.

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  6. EvrFlo EV-4-CAP - Tight Seal Fill Cap


    Original Price: $22.00

    This EvrFlo EV-4-CAP is used to prevent vapors from escaping from the fill riser pipe on the underground storage tank when it is not being filled.

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