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Serving Long Island & New York's Municipalities and Government Facilities

Solutions Designed to Support Our Government’s Infrastructure

Henrich has been a trusted partner to
New York’s state and local governments
for more than 40 years.

From spec to service, Henrich develops custom government solutions that ensure continuity while meeting your agency objectives. We understand your specialized requirements and offer a complete line of products and services to support your motor vehicle fueling and backup power management needs.

Why choose Henrich?

Nassau/Suffolk County Contract Holder

Henrich is an approved vendor and contract holder in New York State

Value Added Sales Engineering

We dont’ just sell equipment, we engineer solutions to best fit our customer’s requirements

24/7 Emergency Response

Our technicians are available around the clock to response to your emergency repair requirements

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Henrich services include sales, installation and maintenance of oil and gas fluid management systems, vehicle fueling systems, and standby power systems.

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