Henrich 50th Anniversary

Henrich was founded 50 years ago by Joe Henrich.  It sold equipment for gas stations, car dealerships and fleet vehicles. 

In the early days, much labor was supplied by family and friends.  Husbands and wives worked in the office and warehouse. Many of our high school friends also worked here. Bob Henrich, Joe Henrich’s son and current CEO, drove a truck and made deliveries.  He truly started from the ground up.

Over the years the company grew.  Under Bob’s watch the company escalated quickly and adapted to the changing business climate and needs. More family and friends joined.  The company expanded to include operations in Asia and Europe.   

No company is successful without employees.  Henrich has many long term employees whose dedication and competence in the performance of their functions has helped make the company great.

It’s a great accomplishment for a family business to attain 50 years in business.  It’s not just a number. It is 50 years of:

  • Successfully serving customers, many of which are repeat.
  • Employment that supports many families
  • Supporting and improving the community

Henrich has achieved this pinnacle because of its leadership and the dedication of its employee-family.

Let’s toast to another 50 years of Henrich!