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Whether deploying a proactive or reactive approach to compliance management, Henrich’s regulatory consulting experts provide the support you need. Our hands on approach helps you overcome the challenges your day to day operation will experience in the event of receiving a Notice Of Violation (NOV). We understand that your bottom line is paramount in these situations and our aim is to mitigate the financial burden and maximizing uptime. Our experts will focus on your operational concerns and formulate a resolution that best fits the situation to get you up and running again.

The regulatory consulting & compliance services we offer


Compliance Management
  • Notice Of Violation (NOV) Resolution

If you have recieved a NOV, Henrich can work with officials to ensure that you incur the minimum penalties. Our experts will review your NOV, formulate and implement a plan for resolution while meeting regulatory requirements moving forward.

  • Fine Mitigation

We provide in person consulting to mitigate the burden fines can impose. Henrich is an experienced ally in loss prevention. We use over 45 years of industry knowledge to provide you with the best possible outcome.

  • Permitting & Tank Registration

Since we’ve been in the industry so long, we know exactly what you need to do and where you need to go to make sure you’re doing everything correctly. We can advise you through the proper channels to fulfill your permitting and registration needs.

  • Examine the pipe entry seals for signs of leaking water

Henrich is licensed and authorized to perform numerous regulatory tests. Our testing services go beyond inspection. We will track and notify you when your site is due for its next test. In addtion, Henrich will notify and schedule the appropriate local authorities. We’re envolved from begining to end, enabling you focus on the day to day.

Top questions about bulk fuel storage tank requirements

If you have received a NOV, Henrich can set forth a course of action where we will go over the notice with you, formulate a plan to get your site in compliance, satisfy the specific issue in the NOV and work with the appropriate authorities to reduce any applicable fines. Give us a call and we can get started today.

Though having an ATG in place is an extremely helpful tool, it is not enough to be in compliance alone. It is up to the facility to make sure the device programmed correctly and the proper tests are running and passing the way they were designed. For this reason, it is so important to have a sound understanding of your ATG and to constantly monitoring the status of your ATG. Henrich technicians are certified in ATG technologies and have years of experience working with them. If you do not have the time to become as knowledge as you should, make sure to call Henrich and setup your ATG today.

In 1984, Congress directed the U.S. EPA to develop regulations for underground storage tank (UST) systems. EPA issued federal regulations, effective December 1988, that delegate UST regulatory authority to approved state programs. States are the primary implementers of the UST program and may have requirements more stringent than the federal regulations. As of September 2014, 38 states (plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) have approved UST programs.

The expert staff here at Henrich can help you with everything you need. From the proper permitting and registration filing guidelines to any testing you may not be aware of . From top to bottom, end to end, we’ve got you covered. Call Henrich today.

Who we work for

Service Stations & C-Stores
Hospital & Healthcare Facilities
Municipal Facilities

Why choose Henrich for Regulatory Consulting & Compliance Management?

Proven Track Record in Fine Reduction

Never have we allowed a customer to incur the full penalty. We work with regulators to mitigate financial burden.

Over 50 Years of Industry Knowledge

We have made it our business to be the best at compliance management and preventative maintenance. Henrich has the expertise, staffing, information systems and infrastructure to help ensure our client’s fueling facilities are in compliance

Customized Consulting Methodology

Depending on facility specifications, maintenance frequency, and budgetary requirements, we work together with the client to design a program specifically for their needs.

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