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The Top 7 Reasons to Implement a Fleet Fuel Management System

No one likes to throw away money on gas. If you are like most people and organizations then you are constantly looking for ways to save a few pennies or cut expenses to help your business grow.  One of the most cost effective ways to reduce expenses is installing a fleet fuel management system. In today’s economy your business or fleet cannot afford to live without one.

Here’e our Top 7 Reasons to implement a fleet fuel management system:

1. Easy Integration with Most Fueling Networks  – Whether it’s outsourced billing, reporting to other locations, most software will work directly with your current system

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Let Wayne Fueling Systems Help You Become EMV-Compliant!

Wayne Fueling Systems recently launched a new tool on that helps users to identify their path to become EMV-compliant for both indoor and outdoor equipment.  Located on the homepage of, users start their path by selecting which products they would like to update – indoor, outdoor, or both.  By answering a series of questions, the tool identifies recommendations to help fuel retailers update their sites to be EMV-compliant.

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The EvrFlo Solution

Have you ever found yourself restricted trying to transfer your diesel fuel from one container to the next?  EvrFlo has a simple, reliable and affordable solution! The EvrFlo EV-12-10M Transfer Pump is an essential item that is used for diesel, kerosene and other light oils. It offers a compact design that makes it simple to use in any circumstance either you have the space or not, its small frame design makes any of the approved fluids easily transferable.   

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Total Control Systems Positive Displacement Metering

A recent visit to the Total Control Systems factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana helped us understand just what it takes to build a precision meter. The overall craftsmanship, innovation and design, dedication and hard work that goes into building an accurate and efficient flow meter is breathtaking.

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Build a Meter That’s Right For You

Did you know that GPI offers a super easy solution to configure your own Industrial Flow Meter? GPI’s Build-A-Meter can help you quickly and accurately choose a meter that best suits your application. Whether the fluid is Petroleum based, Dairy, Water, Chemicals or Industrial fluids GPI makes it easy to find the right meter.  The Build-A-Meter application can even help you find a meter that measures in Gallons per hour or Gallons per minute.

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Tank Gauging Sticks

Tank gauging/monitoring is an important aspect to maintaining above ground and underground tanks.  That is why tank gauge sticks are used, it’s primarily used to measure the depth of liquid in a tank. The common best practice for measuring tanks are: First apply gas gauging paste on the stick, slowly lower the gauge stick, let the stick gently touch the bottom, and quickly bring it back up. Read the depth of the fuel indicated by the wet mark on the stick to the nearest 1/8 inch.

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