Industry Updates

We are now Suffolk County Tank & Line Testing Certified!

We’re very excited to announce that Henrich is now certified to provide Tank and Line testing services in Suffolk County. The Alert 8200 is the only tank tightness testing method approved by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services.

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Alternate Power Solutions Did You Know? The Facts…

Facts, FAQS and Reasons to have a Standby Generator FACT: Standby generation is quickly becoming a necessary appliance for the homeowner. Standby generators provide electrical power for times when your Electrical provider cannot.

Examples of when standby generation becomes necessary:

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Ready to light up the North Fork.

Alternate Power Solutions is ready to power up the North Fork of Long Island with four new Cummins generators.  We took delivery today on the gen sets totaling over 1 Megawatt in backup power.  There are three 200kw and 1 450kw diesel machines.  The project will be the first of its kind on the North Fork.  Stay tuned for more info on when we go live.

There is no such thing as being over prepared, especially during storm season

Hurricane Crash Course

Hurricanes need three main ingredients to form: warm sea surface temperatures, minimal to no wind shear, and an area of organized, long-lasting thunderstorms. These storms tend to originate off the western coast of Africa.

The Atlantic hurricane season has begun and the most active area might just be off the U.S. East Coast.

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New NYSERDA Program is designed to provide communities with access to fuel and food during times of power loss

In May 2016 NYSERDA will be opening a program to fully fund a generator for service stations as part of program to provide support to communities during times of storms or power outages.

Under this program selected service stations will have generator installations funded up to 100% for the generator and it’ its installation.

You can install a unit that:

-Powers all the equipment on your service station

-Runs on Natural Gas, Diesel, Propane

-Is made by any manufacturer

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Henrich continues to be on the forefront of petroluem bulk storage industry regulations

As of Oct 11, 2015, the NYSDEC has finalized changes to how Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS) & Chemical Bulk Storage (CBS) are regulated.  In an effort to consolidate federal requirements into State regulations and to clarify other State requirements,  these changes significantly augment what it means to operate a PBS or CBS facility. Some of the  major changes incorporated regard the structure of PBS/CBS regulation in general as well as, applicability (i.e.: definitions), operator training, record-keeping and equipment requirements.

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