New Product Updates

Let Wayne Fueling Systems Help You Become EMV-Compliant!

Wayne Fueling Systems recently launched a new tool on that helps users to identify their path to become EMV-compliant for both indoor and outdoor equipment.  Located on the homepage of, users start their path by selecting which products they would like to update – indoor, outdoor, or both.  By answering a series of questions, the tool identifies recommendations to help fuel retailers update their sites to be EMV-compliant.

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Get Ready for Fill-Rite’s New UL Nozzle!

By the end of June 2015, prepare to say goodbye to the N100DAU10 1″ automatic nozzle and get ready for the new UL nozzle from Fill-Rite!

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Introducing Turner Tanks

Henrich is proud to introduce Turner Tanks into our extended line of brands. Turner Tanks has been in the above ground storage market since 1939.  Turner is known as an industry leader of high quality small, above ground, steel storage tanks. Turner offers a wide variety of heavy duty above ground storage skid tanks.

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New and Improved Low Temperature Fuel Oil Hose from Goodyear

Fuel deliveries can be tricky enough without having to worry about the weather – especially with the weather hitting the east coast at the moment. Goodyear has taken an extra step to ease the process by offering their new “flexible when frigid” cold weather fuel oil delivery hose.  

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The New Look Fill Rite 300 Series Pumps Are Here!

Fill Rite is at it again! They have revamped the look of the 300 Series Pumps and have made some great new cosmetic design changes to the pump housing and label. Still keeping the reliable performance it has always had their new changes to the 300 series pumps include, the pump no longer offers a 12′ hose and manual nozzle with the pump.

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Fill Rite Launches New Cabinet Dispensing Series Pump

We are one month away from an exciting event in the fuel dispensing industry! Fill Rite is launching their new Cabinet Dispensing Series that were previously unveiled at the PEI Convention in Oct 2013. New features include weights and measures approved, NTEP approved and UL approved models.

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NEW EPA REGS 302 Days 7 Hours 44 Minutes 41 Seconds Be Prepared!
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