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Choosing the Right Velcon Filter Housing

A common question arises when customers want to know which application is best suited for the different Velcon filter housings. There are 4 different filter housings that come to mind and they’re VF-31E, VF-61, VF-61 E, and VF-62. These filter housings are meant for unique applications such as Jet Fuel, Aviation Gasoline, Motor Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Oils, Compressed Air and other gases. Now the way I would distinguish the difference between them all is primarily through flow rate.

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Who is Fill Rite?

Fill Rite is a part of the Tuthill Corporation. They manufacturer a line of high quality fuel transfer pumps and flow meters. Their mission is – Manufacturing the way it ought to be – rock solid and getting better every day! Fill Rite just turned 50 and they have grown strong in the fuel transfer market offering solutions for fueling farm equipment, construction equipment and fleet fueling.

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Choosing the Correct DEF Coupler for your Tote

Customers are always calling in asking about the type of valve they should use on there DEF tote. There are two kinds of valves that can be  used on a DEF tote. EPV (economic plastic valve) and RSV ( Reusable Stainless Valve).

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500 Gallon Double Wall Tank & 12 Volt Transfer Pump for a Long Island Farmer

We recently setup a 12 volt transfer pump & above ground tank for a Long Island farmer who is taking a step closer to fast effective fueling. The 500 Gallon double wall tank comes equipped with a Fill Rite FR3210B 12 volt Pump and 901 meter. This setup will help streamline operations on the farm by fueling farm equipment faster and cheaper.

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ATI 12V/24V Transfer Pump Fuel Tank

Aluminum Tank Industries has recently introduced its new tank (TTR65CB) for pick up trucks. The ATI TTR65CB is a 65 Gallon Refueling Tank/Tool box combo. This tank is extremely useful for fueling construction equipment emergency equipment farming equipment and other fueling equipment.

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Piusi introduces a UL listed K24 1″ NPT Flow Meter

Italian manufacturer Piusi introduces its new and improved UL Listed K24 Flow Meter! The K24 series has been in the industry for some time offering solutions to measure diesel, kerosene and DEF fluid. This new UL model was released to help users to measure the flow of their gasoline usage safely and cost effectively.

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