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Spill Prevention and Containment Sump Testing

Beginning on October 13, 2018 owners and operators must meet one of the following for spill containment equipment and for containment sumps used for piping interstitial monitoring:

Option 1: Spill prevention and containment sump equipment is double walled and the integrity of both walls is monitored at least as frequently as in the walk through inspection requirement (typically every 30 days for spill buckets but it may be longer if the facility receives infrequent deliveries, and annually for containment sumps).

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Overfill Prevention Inspections

Beginning on October 13, 2018 owners and operators must have their overfill prevention equipment inspected for proper operation at least once every three years. Overfill prevention equipment installed after October 13, 2015 must be inspected for proper operation at installation and then once every three years. Note that most installation codes of practice require inspecting overfill prevention equipment at installation – this would qualify as the first inspection.

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Mandatory 30 day walk through Inspections

According to the DEC owners and operators must conduct walk through inspections at their UST facility. The walk through inspection must meet one of the following:

Option 1: Every 30 days (except spill prevention equipment at UST systems receiving deliveries at intervals greater than every 30 days may be checked prior to each delivery), check your spill prevention equipment and release detection equipment.

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Alternate Power Solutions Did You Know? The Facts…

Facts, FAQS and Reasons to have a Standby Generator FACT: Standby generation is quickly becoming a necessary appliance for the homeowner. Standby generators provide electrical power for times when your Electrical provider cannot.

Examples of when standby generation becomes necessary:

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Ready to light up the North Fork.

Alternate Power Solutions is ready to power up the North Fork of Long Island with four new Cummins generators.  We took delivery today on the gen sets totaling over 1 Megawatt in backup power.  There are three 200kw and 1 450kw diesel machines.  The project will be the first of its kind on the North Fork.  Stay tuned for more info on when we go live.

There is no such thing as being over prepared, especially during storm season

Hurricane Crash Course

Hurricanes need three main ingredients to form: warm sea surface temperatures, minimal to no wind shear, and an area of organized, long-lasting thunderstorms. These storms tend to originate off the western coast of Africa.

The Atlantic hurricane season has begun and the most active area might just be off the U.S. East Coast.

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NEW EPA REGS -4 Days 0 Hours 16 Minutes 27 Seconds Be Prepared!
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